"With taste, elegance, and appetites that match the male original, Tillman Gilson introduces 'Jane Bond' to the intelligence and literary world with panache and brazen sensuality -- a spoof on a spoof that works. Bravo."

-Robert C. McFarlane, National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan


CIA jobs are extremely various.  The Agency splits its work and CIA jobs between two divisions.  The acquisition of information provides the need for CIA jobs for the covert service which used to be called the Directorate of Operations and is now the National Clandestine Service. The other is the intelligence division where information is analyzed and collated and then sent to the users within the US government.

CIA jobs are filled by direct recruiting, by people applying after hearing about the agency, and from other government departments such as the military branches and the law enforcement branches.

CIA jobs range from the officer who acquires information to the analyst who studies it to all the support staff that is needed to support the bureaucracy.  There are CIA jobs for scientists and doctors who not only deal with personnel needs but also work on future projects and gadgets.  There are CIA jobs for trained “black operatives” who are the types that parachute into the mountains of Afghanistan to target Al Qaeda.  There are CIA jobs for the undercover officer who does not officially work for the US government but has his or her job that seems innocuous.

CIA jobs range from the exciting operative to the normal office job, but all the employees are aware of the importance of the organization and the need for security so that the U.S. does not have any more moles within its intelligence community.  Most of those who have CIA jobs are very proud of the work they do for their country even though they may not be able to tell anyone what they do in their CIA jobs.

In The Very Secret Weapon Alex Garfield has a CIA job that is an undercover position as an officer who solves problems that a normal official US government person could not do.

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