"With taste, elegance, and appetites that match the male original, Tillman Gilson introduces 'Jane Bond' to the intelligence and literary world with panache and brazen sensuality -- a spoof on a spoof that works. Bravo."

-Robert C. McFarlane, National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan


Ian Fleming books range from a series of books and short stories starring James Bond to the children’s classic, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  Although Ian Fleming books are known for the James Bond movie character, his writing is more complicated than the movie plots that we have all learned to love.

Ian Fleming books that we all know so well focus around the 007 James Bond who is the dapper, elegant agent of MI6 and all of the Ian Fleming books that feature Bond take place in exotic locales.

The first of the Ian Fleming books written was Casino Royale although the first of the Ian Fleming books turned into a movie was Dr. No which as a book received a great deal of criticism.

Ian Fleming books turned into movies:


As in many Ian Fleming books, Alex Garfield in The Very Secret Weapon is a fictional portrayal of a spy who works for her country with panache and enjoyment.  As in Ian Fleming books, the heroine in this book lives the high life and looks perfect, even while killing!

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