"With taste, elegance, and appetites that match the male original, Tillman Gilson introduces 'Jane Bond' to the intelligence and literary world with panache and brazen sensuality -- a spoof on a spoof that works. Bravo."

-Robert C. McFarlane, National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan


Ian Fleming, the author of the James Bond books was born 100 years ago in 1908.  Like James Bond, Ian Fleming was a member of the British Naval Intelligence Service and drew upon his experiences in World War Two and the Cold War to write the fourteen James Bond books.

The Very Secret Weapon introduces a female American agent as a modern version of the male character in the James Bond books.  Like the James Bond books, she only travels first class, enjoys all the finer things in life and is a complicated character who not only enjoys her work but also enjoys life in general.  Also similar to the James Bond books there are recurring characters that will be seen in the future Alex Garfield books.

James Bond books and the ensuing movies based on the James Bond books have entertained the public for over 45 years. The James Bond books are easy to read and provide an amusing insight into the spy world.  Each of the James Bond books has a different villain and a different woman although many of the James Bond books had a villainous organization, SMERSH, which reeked havoc throughout the world.

The fourteen James Bond books and the 21 movies have inspired readers throughout the world for years.  Now there is a “Jane Bond” book to start a new series similar to the James Bond books to inspire readers who love espionage and the good life, The Very Secret Weapon.

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