"With taste, elegance, and appetites that match the male original, Tillman Gilson introduces 'Jane Bond' to the intelligence and literary world with panache and brazen sensuality -- a spoof on a spoof that works. Bravo."

-Robert C. McFarlane, National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan


Russian Mafia is a term used to identify the organized crime that developed after the fall of the Soviet Union.  The Russian Mafia is an organization that now is spread throughout the world.  Members of the Russian Mafia have been prosecuted in the US as well as Europe but the Russian Mafia is also in Asia and South America.  Wherever there is a possibility of making money off extortion, prostitution, drugs,  protection, skimming, or any other nefarious means, the Russian Mafia is there.  Since Russia is now a major producer of oil and gas, the opportunities for corruption and graft have exploded and consequently the Russian Mafia has become very rich and powerful.

There have been some very powerful movies made about the Russian Mafia, the most notable of which is Eastern Promises which is a must see for anyone with a strong interest in the Russian Mafia. An extremely violent organization, the Russian Mafia uses drugs, murder, knives, and anything else they believe will work to get money or to exact revenge.

In The Very Secret Weapon, Alex Garfield comes up against the Russian Mafia as a target for the CIA and because of a personal issue which she decides to resolve.  She ends up facing the hitman for the Russian Mafia who was hired for the purpose of killing her lover.

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