"With taste, elegance, and appetites that match the male original, Tillman Gilson introduces 'Jane Bond' to the intelligence and literary world with panache and brazen sensuality -- a spoof on a spoof that works. Bravo."

-Robert C. McFarlane, National Security Advisor to President Ronald Reagan


Spy novels are one of the most popular genres of fiction today.  Spy novels can range from collections of short stories to long involved tomes with multiple plots and twists.  One of the most famous series of spy novels is Ian Fleming’s James Bond series.  Most of the titles from his spy novels have been turned into movies.  Another famous author of spy novels is John Le Carre whose main character is George Smiley.  The Tailor from Panama was one of his spy novels which was made into a movie starring Pierce Brosnan who also played James Bond in four movies.

The first of a planned series of new spy novels is, The Very Secret Weapon.These spy novels feature a female US government agent named Alex Garfield.  In this series of spy novels she battles not only the Russian Mafia but also terrorists. Like other spy novels the plot is twisted and takes place in many cities around the world.

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